Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2008

These are my entries for the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2008

1. skillful artwork and encouragement for aspiring artists.

2. - I like this because I can look up Sagada virtually when I need peace and quiet.

3. - the best of my top ten choices - great art!

4. if you need a wedding planner, blog her

5. beautiful roses and other things too

6. for the fashion conscious, look this up

7. makes you laugh and aware of current national issues

8. for nature buffs and mountain lovers

9. - good for simple moms like me

10. if you want to know stuff that is out of this world, look for it here

Monday, May 19, 2008

jj disini

E commerce act

concern - recognizes the validity of electronic transactions

pki - public key infrastructure

e-mail exchanges have validity even if unsigned

functional equivalent - same function as a written document. indicates identity and consent
technology neutral -

hacking or cracking = unauthorized access, thus it is a criminal act, whether or not your intent was good

issue - how do you prosecute cracking/hacking which happens in different countries

social engineering - uses emotions to get into the user, example "i love you" virus.

cybersex dens: use of minors is a crime, but with adults is it a criminal act?

issues - is it sexual abuse when it is consensual, is it pornography?

Copyright laws
first law was exclusive right to publish
from the moment of creation until death plus fifty years after death

Caring for your mom

Early this morning, I brought my mom to the dentist and that's why I was late for this training. She is 87 years old and everyone is amazed that she still has teeth! Well, I guess her chewing beetle nut has helped make her teeth strong and free from cavities.